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Retro Lands Beta

Welcome to Retro Lands, known for being one of the largest, and longest running beta servers. Retro Lands is a Minecraft beta 1.7.3 server that focuses on the PvE community experience, as well as the nostalgia of the beta versions.

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What Is Retro Lands

Retro Lands is the creation of much time, work and history. Retro Lands is one of the largest Minecraft beta servers in existence, if not the largest beta server. Retro Lands is a community focused on pve gameplay which allows the formation of communities and relationships between players. Our server is a strictly PvE server to allow the creativity of players to be unleashed and allows players to work together in an unperilled environment. We like to keep our servers as vanilla as possible, to stick to the base game while still adding variation to gameplayer. Our staff are motivated and have been heavily trailed, to make for the best environment possible for players. Retro Lands runs towny, allowing for the creation of towns and creates an automatic barrier between players and griefers.                      

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Our community is accepting, and always willing to let new players join. Our community has built massive towns, builds and more as one. Our community is a PvE towny community, that focuses on the forging of community and friendship.

Shows Players Together


Our staff are extremely carefully picked, to ensure and secure the best experience possible for players. Our staff are all trained to high standards. You shouldn't need to worry about annoying or cheaty staff on our server.



Retro Minecraft was started in late 2014 by a user called Super Sherif. The server began as a basic vanilla survival experience which attracted large amounts of players. The server ran smoothly with minor hiccups until 2016. During 2016 the former owner stepped down, leaving jetpackingwolf in charge. The server ran whitelisted for most of 2017, only allowing older members to play but it was decided upon to go whitelisted in November. The server went public, and a few members where gained during December-January. During February-April, our player base begun to grow rapidly and often got us to peaks of 15 players. During late April retromc merged with another server called beta lands owned by Sweetz. The partnership only lasted 3 months, before drama ended up killing the partnership. Retromc is still running amazingly till this day.

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